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Mission statement

 Best Audio Visual Company is one of the nation's competitively priced, high customer satisfaction audio visual service company.  We primarily serve corporate and private customers nationwide, providing "Model Pricing" turn key event services, which targets corporate live events as well as private customer audio visual equipment rentals. 

Family owned and operated for 40 years


"We listen carefully to our client's needs and apply 40 years of experience."

Rodney Best, the founder of Best Audio Visual, Inc., has been designing live events with innovative audio and visual systems since he played percussion in Tampa Bay Area progressive rock bands as a teenager. 

Rodney was first exposed to "Out of the Box" thinking in 1972, while working for Dr. Goldsmith (the inventor of the color TV and the first interactive video game... way back in 1947)!

By 1976, he had started recording albums with the band Babylon, which received world recognition in the progressive music scene. By 1980, he was touring Florida with the band Helicopter, opening for the iconic Pat Benatar.

This was also the first time he was exposed to the corporate audio visual industry, back when 35mm film, slide projectors and AVL Eagle computers were industry standard.

His desire to learn computers and staging also brought about the start of Best Audio Visual, Inc. in 1980. A short time later he asked his sister to come on board and take care of CFO duties.  

40 years later, Best Audio Visual has continually been one of the best priced supplier of audio visual equipment rentals and event and party planning nationwide. 

As we celebrate our 40th year in the industry, we are reminded that constantly evolving with new technology, decades of experience, focusing on teamwork, and staffing event operators with a passion for impressive events continue to propel Best Audio Visual, Inc. ahead of the competition.